New inspiration

I got back from a trip to Africa last week. I spent two weeks in Senegal with a one day trip to Gambia. What an experience! Looking through some of the photos from the trip (sadly some were lost as one of my memory cards died just as I got back home..) I decided I needed a place to show them off, properly. So, this is it.

Last year I went on a few other trips as well. England and Denmark were the two places I hardly took any photos in, unfortunately. However, a trip to some of the mountains in Norway, and two weeks in Thailand yielded plenty of photos that need showing off. In addition there is of course photos from previous trips I’ve been on. So for now this blog will feature photos of Senegal, Gambia, Norway, England, Thailand, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain, at least. It will take me a few days to get a decent selection added. Regardless of how long it takes me to get the majority up, I hope you enjoy the photos you do stumble upon on my site!